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Welcome to L2-Vendetta
June 01, 2023

Hello folks,

This is PyroMaker, you probably already know me. I've been developing Lineage 2 (L2OFF, not L2J) for the past 16/17 years. I was a GM in countless servers back in the day, such as L2Elite, L2Paradise and L2Ultimate, and after gathering some knowledge in development, I decided to start my own server: L2-Vendetta. Since then, I have made many variations of this same server, and among those variations throughout many years we can name but a few: L2Zion, L2Blood, L2Tastic, L2Dust and finaly, L2Prodigy.
We've undergone many chronicles/thrones, all the way from C4 in 2007, to C5 in 2008 and Interlude in 2009. In 2011 after so long, we've decided to give it a shot and go full Gracia Final PTS CT 2.3 with the aid of AdvExt, but unfortunately things have changed, things are not like before anymore, and looking back, i realize they got even worse...

That's why, after many years and with technological evolution, perhaps I should use the word revolution, we decided to come back with a pioneering project in the history of Lineage 2, be the first server in the world who integrate blockchain!
The reason why we're doing this is not only because of the great majority of players that wanted Vendetta to return (hell, some people even tried (and failed) to make copies of Vendetta), but also because the whole team behind vendetta sees crypto as the future...

We don't want to be just another server, we want to bring up one of the most succesful servers in the history of Private Lineage 2 servers, one that has lived for over 2 years and a half with a massive legion of followers: Lineage 2 Vendetta. And so we shall. Many have been waiting for this for a long time. The time has come.

Thank you for your attention.


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